Car Purse Pouch

Car Purse Pouch 5000

PURSE POUCH car accessory is the perfect solution for storing purses and handbags when in your car. Installs in seconds by attaching to your vehicle's center console and headrest bars, creating a roomy hammock in between your two front seats that keeps your purse and contents easily accessible and secure. Reduces car clutter and keeps seats and floors clear. Folds flat when not in use. Fits most vehicles.

  • Autofurnish Purse holder organizer creates a perfect pouch between the driver and passenger seats providing easy storage for and accessibility to: purses, umbrellas, gloves, cell phones, tablets, charging cords, and more.

  • Purse Holder Organizer helps reduce distracted driving by providing easy access to your purse contents without taking your eyes off the road.

  • Purse Holder Organizer eliminates the need for inconvenient purse placement at your passenger's feet; with Purse Pouch your purse will stay clean, upright, and within easy reach.

  • The Purse holder car organizer is perfect for your hand bag, gym bag, backpack, computer case, brief case, and more by simply adjusting its straps to form a pouch/hammock/cup behind the console for easy insertion and removal of large purses while using the pocket for small purses and miscellaneous items.

  • It is designed for use with a front-opening center console (will not work with a sliding console lid) and headrests that have accessible posts.

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